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About us

Expanding Horizons is committed to working in partnership with local authorities, communities and the people we support to develop and deliver cost-effective, responsive, flexible and high quality services to meet individual needs and aspirations.


We feel strongly that our mission statement should be short and succinct; the word “partnership” is used because in order to reflect the needs of the market we must work collaboratively with purchasers to fully understand their specific needs; as opposed to focusing on the needs of the organisation.

The word “cost-effective is used to emphasise that the economic climate demands integrated value and best practice in order to satisfy the financial constraints that require us all to do more with less resources.

The words “responsive” and “flexible” are used to focus our efforts on the need to deliver services that identify, reflect and adapts to the changing needs of the people we support in a continuous cycle of plan, do and review.

The words “high quality” were carefully chosen to encapsulate our endeavours to be the market leader in best practice within the social care sectors in which we operate.

To Support vulnerable children and adults to live life to the full


Here we describe the people our services are intended for; specifically “children” and “adults”. Also notice that the word “vulnerable” is used to signpost more clearly the groups of people we support within the general population.

In stating our ambition to support children and adults we have also set out our commitment to developing services that respond to their needs thereby providing consistent opportunities for people to “live life to the full”.

Our Values


We all value private moments and by raising awareness and developing competence our staff aim to fully respect people’s right to privacy.



Dignity is at the heart of person centred approaches to supporting people. Dignity means treating people who need care as individuals and enabling them to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control over their own lives. This means that we as professionals support people with the respect they want for themselves or a member of their family.



We ensure that people have their legal and civic rights protected, are enabled to exercise their legal rights directly and participate in the civic process if they wish. We promote self-advocacy approaches and develop services in partnership with the people who use them.


Choice is something we all take for granted on a day-to-day basis – however, vulnerable children and adults often have limited opportunities to make real choices. At Expanding Horizons we are committed to ensuring people have opportunities to make real choices about decisions that affect their lives.



We are committed to developing environments and working practices that empower and enable people to increase self-esteem and enhance self-image by gaining and maintaining skills. The people we support are respected as unique, individuality is safeguarded, and opinions valued, listened and responded to.



Quality of life is the outcome we strive to achieve when supporting people; taking into account individual likes and dislikes we support people to plan for the future; helping them to reach their dreams and life goals. We listen to people, adapt to their changing needs and support them to achieve the quality of life they aspire too.

Management Team

Expanding Horizons has developed a national reputation as a high quality provider of needs-led therapeutic residential care for adults.

Philosophy of care

Many Organisations espouse laudable principles, but not all of them manage to embed them so firmly and fundamentally as Expanding Horizons. We measure every step taken or decision made against the “PEACH” principle of support.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of quality and ensure it underpins everything we do.

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