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Tina Fishburn

Team Leader - Ty Bryn Bach

I have worked in the care sector for 11 years, working firstly with adults that had transitioned from Ely Hospital in Cardiff  into supported living and care in the community. This gave me a good start in my career as the service users had  a variety of complex needs, and because of their background it gave me a good foundation to work on and build an understanding of different needs.

have worked in four large care companies in Cardiff, each very different, but all working towards the same goal, that is to support service users to become independent and lead a fulfilling enjoyable life.

My interests outside of work include walking my dog (come rain or shine), socialising with friends and family and most importantly holidays… I work to travel.

This is a quote I found and I think it sums up a support worker:

‘to make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect -  you just have to care’.


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